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We follow the host of the program, Cecil Palmer, as he describes the town's community life, although the events presented in the show are far from normal.

The first episode was published online June 15, 2012, with no marketing to accompany the event.

Some of the most popular misconceptions regarding the gameplay experience and its representation in non-game media are exposed as a result of this analysis.

The research confirms that popular culture perceives gaming experience as closely related to the player identity, as the latter inspires new genres of non-game narratives.

Before the age of Internet they had been printed in zines and circled only between people that knew each other, nowadays such stories are published in the Internet.

We also attend to fan practices such as fan art surrounding Welcome to Night Vale because their content correlates with the creator's culture of origin, as well as the issue of funding the free podcast among fans from different countries and different economies."Fan fiction as a literary practice, or literary genre, has grown exponentially since the widespread of the Internet.

And that is why fan fictions are compared to fan videos, two different types of fannish practice that are sometimes examined as the same.

Fan fiction has rooted deeply into fans' lives, and thus has developed a certain system of distribution and editorship.

To na gruncie tych właśnie produkcji mogą być poruszane ważne kwestie kulturowe i społeczne.

Wśród produkcji indie mamy pewnych pionierów: Dys4ia Anny Anthropy stanowi pierwszą narrację o transsekualności, Kisima Ingitchuna (2015) jest produkcją całkowicie tubylczą - tworzoną przez rdzennych mieszkańców i mieszkanki Alaski, Three Monkeys będzie (jest w fazie tworzenia) pierwszą grą stworzoną jednocześnie dla osób widzących i niewidzących.

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