Who is angela dating in twilight

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In addition, he wears thick glasses in the graphic novel. Eric is constantly trying for Bella's attention, competing with many of his fellow classmates, notably Mike and Tyler. He is one of the people who goes down to La Push on the weekend when Jacob tells Bella about the stories of his tribe and the Cold Ones.

What is the California beauty doing eight years on?Norman Reedus’ co-star first joined the zombie horror show in season 4 when her character Rosita travelled with Abraham Ford and Eugene Porter on a quest to Washington, D. Fans have been watching the show with baited breath to find out if Rosita and Spencer Monroe will stay together during the 7th series of the show.The Young Artist Awards winner couldn’t have taken on a role any further away from Angela.He is invited by Bella to watch a movie with their friends, but he and Katie already have plans.At the beginning of the film adaptation, Eric becomes teary whilst watching the movie of Romeo and Juliet.

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