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However, exploiting the available concurrency is challenging for software written in current programming languages.Up Scale’s vision is to provide programming language support to efficiently develop applications that seamlessly scale to the available parallelism of manycore chips without abandoning the object-oriented paradigm and the associated software engineering methodologies.Youtube noticeably decreases the image quality, and upscaling helps to retain that quality at the cost of higher render time.Take for example rendering a 720p video and fake it as 1080p.The targeted breakthrough will profoundly impact software development for the manycore architectures of the future.

But, to answer the question, no, I know of no way to have You Tube think a 720p video is really 1080p. If I were you and wanted to test the theory, I'd upscale it, upload both the original 720p version and the new 1080p upscaled version and compare. It does make a difference specially for fast motion scenes.

And the difference is greater when upscaling 720p videos to 2k or 4k. A native 720p video and a native 720p video upscaled to 1080p? As promised, here's the comparison: From left to right each image brings more detail, especially in the eyes area.

It can be dull to watch a web video at 2k or 4k but you get the idea. You could prepare short 10-15 second samples without much time and effort. The videos at 1920p and 2K are upscaled in Sony Vegas with default settings, rendered Ripbot at 16 CQ (default preset), uploaded and ripped from Youtube and compared back in the original resolution (1280p) Here's the comparison gallery. And watch in Youtube: 1280p, upscaled 1920p, upscaled 2k.

But even if your video has those tiny details, it's worth losing them for the sake of the rest of picture. Upon reboot, the 50 Firefox tabs I'd hoarded over the past months were gone: no crash session restore page, just my browser homepage. What, you got interested in the subject of the thread and decided to run your own tests which eventually resulted in the loss of your favorite links (or something like that)? It seems to me that the results of You Tube's reencoding are so destructive to the source video that it's pointless to upscale and then think it's worth it because a forehead wrinkle or an eyelid crease is retained at the higher resolution, when so much detail gets destroyed at any resolution. Pre-upscaling SD content is actually more worthwhile, though I don't tend to noise-reduce my VHS captures so if I provided an example of that it probably wouldn't be applicable to most people.

The best I managed to recover is a session from a month back. But who am I to talk when so many of my sources for You Tube are VHS tapes? I did quite a few tests with 30,000 kbps (720p) and 50,000 kbps (1080p).

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