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However, a letter that is considered potentially libelous, or a response that includes the response of a third person will not be published (Here we have a simple reason, an indirect response is considered personal issue, and a bad-behaved response, if intended to be hidden inside the other persons feedback is considered of low quality and anonymous).Although The Writers Post doesnt guarantee their publication, all letters are welcomed.Its aim is nothing less than to bring to the reader literary works from established and new writers, in the original language and in translation.Its part in translation is to introduce a foreign literature to those who appreciate not only the enjoyment of reading, but also the knowing and understanding of other cultures. It features selected pieces in a variety of genres, and will include Post magazine at This electronic literary magazine was launched on July 1999, with an emphasis on what the Wordbridge intends: to bring to readers who may want to read the literary works originally written in the Vietnamese language for long entrenched behind the barrier of language.

The poet can be heard reading it on born and grew up in Vietnam.Both magazines are under my editorship, and will work in association with each otherin the TWP Biographical Database are subject to change where needs be to bring factual information on the authors published in The Writers Post up to date.We thank the contributors published in The Writers Post who grant the magazine permission to publish the photographs of themselves along with the TWPs introductions to contributors).born in 1943 in Ha Nam, resettled in South Vietnam in 1954.He started in the literary community with his poems, translations contributed to several magazines published in Saigon, including Mai, Tieu Thuyet Tuan San, Van, Van Hoc, Van De, Bach Khoa. HCM, The Gioi Moi, Kien Thuc Ngay Nay, Van Tuyen, Van Chuong (VN), Cau Lac Bo Tho Tan Hinh Thuc [ Wordbridge [ISSN: 1540-1723], The Writers Post [ Tap Chi Tho, Van Hoc, Hop Luu, Khoi Hanh, Thu Quan Ban Thao, Tien Ve, Talawas.

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