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So, she bent down on her knees and began to open my fly. She was eye to eye with me with her hands wrapped around my bulging neck. She couldn't move or get away if she had wanted to, and she didn't want to. I promise." I carried her to the bed, I stared at the beautiful young woman who was face down on the bed. Her legs were spread I could see that no matter what she might have said in the beginning, her dripping little cunt was proof enough that she wanted me, wanted me to take her. And having her at my mercy, so she couldn't stop me after that initial orgasm... " Another glare, tinged with lust, was sent my way and she wiggled her ass . Sliding one finger from her asshole to her slit, I felt her shiver as my finger slid between her lips. " I looked down at her hands, watching as she clenched her fingers into the sheets, clawing at the material. She collapsed on the bed in front of me, and just laying there sobbing.

I thought to myself, "Rough and hard that's what I'm giving out tonight. I then artfully placed the inside of my elbows underneath her legs so that her ass was directly above my cock Diana dripped with moisture. She knew my long hard thick cock was more like a muscled arm. When she was close enough she kissed my lobe and said, "Please be gentle with me John, please be gentle with me, I have never had a cock that massive before." I smiled and lied; "Yes baby I'll be gentle with you. Moaning from pleasure, creaming on my cock, as she squealed out her pleasure. My fingers wrapped around her ankles and I spread her legs wide, pushing them up as well, until she was on her knees, both her holes open to my gaze. Her pussy was shaved, giving me an unobstructed view of her puffy lips, her barely hidden pearl. As my cock slid back out of her a long string of my thick sticky sementrailed down her inner thigh.

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