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The faculties of Father Ugarte were revoked in a decree dated March 17, 1994. In addition, a prec Vpt was imposed on Reverend Ugarte on July 30, 1994, enjoining him from a number of\specific activities. Ugarte, agree th: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) /_ -f- Leave the United States and tafie up permanent residence in / Spain, no later than September 30, 1995.f^ Not to return to the United States\ without the express and written authorization of the Archbishop of Los Angeles for a Wod of seven years, ending September 15, 2002.To secure employment in a secular occupation in order to become self-supporting. Mahony, Archbishop of Los Wngeles, agree to: 1) Close the penal procedure initiated by my decree of My 19, 1994, without any formal declaration that the penalty of excommunication was incurred.2) Write the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Fkith, reporting on the situation and this agreement and asking that, in light of this agreement, that the Congregation remit the censure of excommunication insofar as it mighi have been incurred.Based on her photo profile, she looked like a 20-something Korean singer. Her profile states that she’s from Seoul, South Korea. IT started with a “hi” and if I had been naive, it would have ended with me naked and eventually bankrupt.“Hi,” said Julian Lee on Tuesday night via Facebook Messenger.

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” I said, buying time as I was not ready for some video chat fun with the Korean.

“I’ll bet she’s a man.”The next day I saw a classic Datuk Seri Michael Chong story on . The conman, according to Chong, would ask the victim to pose in certain compromising poses. The more you expose, the more you have to pay.“What’s your advice to the public so that they will not become a victim? If you pay, you will be paying till you die (go bankrupt).”Chong said the victims should fight back and lodge a police report.

” she said.“We’re shy,” I said.“Yeah, but I know we can do it! After that I’ll receive a message to pay RM2k, if not a compromising video of me will be released to a list of my friends on FB”.“LLOLLL,” Nick replied.“Soon she’ll ask if I have got a web cam,” I said. However, there are fewer female victims than men as it is more difficult to make a woman strip on video.“Women are the worst victims as they will not reveal that they have been blackmailed and they will pay, pay, pay till they have to borrow from Ah Long (loan shark),” he said. One-star is when you expose yourself a little bit and five-star is when you expose more.

After September 15, 2002, not to return to the Archdiocese of Los Angeles without the express written authorization of the Archbishop of Los Angeles.

To conduct no public or private ministry in Spain other than a Mass at home for immediate members of my family, complying fully with the restrictions on any public ministry involved in the decree revoking my faculties of March 17, 1994, and the precept of July 30, 1994.

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