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HEADLAMP DOOR SCREW FM 38095, WO 1037 Price is for 2. Willys MB/ Ford GPW (WW2 Jeep) AND many other vehicles.

I've reproduced Bruce's words below (with his permission): I have been told that Power Kerosene can be made using a mixture of kerosene and mineral turps in a 50/50 (or 1:1) ratio.

1 of 2 Instruction books issued for the Auto Truck. This book was produced by Chevrolet for the training of Chev mechanics.

Dated 1944, covers engine removal disassembly and installation and clutch assembly.

The way this came about is that I am involved with a TACL Rail Tractor at the Puffing Billy Steam Museum.

It has as its basis a Petrol/Kero Fordson Major Tractor.

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