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"I always knew you were different from my other children. His mother took his hands and nodded, "What can we do to help?" In a different country, this coming out story might not be considered out of the ordinary.

After a change in the country's penal code, the "active" person in the act can now be punished with up to 100 lashes, but if he's married, the death penalty may apply.Saeed was 20 years old when he sat his father down and told him he was gay.Trembling, he recounted how, as a child, he hid cutouts of male underwear models from foreign magazines under his pillow, and would gaze at them for hours when he was alone.Often, this kind of compromising information is used to push gay people to inform on their fellow citizens."Certain people can shield themselves — hide behind their money and their connections," says Alizadeh.

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