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They recommend, in order of reliability, birth control pills, condoms, diaphragms, vaginal foam, the rhythm method, and coitus interruptus.They recommend against permanent methods, such as vasectomy and having tubes tied.In this chapter the authors present five reasons that God created sex, in spite of how it is misused by many.Overall, the chapter is concerned with convincing couples that sex is a blessing from God, but that it should only be experienced within the bonds of marriage.The importance of clitoral stimulation to achieve female orgasm is again stressed.Male and female sexual responses are again compared and a brief discussion of positions is given.

They advocate a Christian lifestyle and suggest that a shared belief in Christ will help a couple overcome incompatibilities.

This chapter explains the male and female sex organs and how they respond to sexual stimulation.

Some counsel is given on how to avoid or reduce pain when breaking the hymen.

This chapter gives eleven suggestions on how men can satisfy their wives.

This chapter declares that many wives are not as satisfied by sexual encounters as they could be because they fail to achieve orgasm. Kegel started training women to exercise their pubococcygeus muscle in order to curb postpartum incontinence.

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