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The Borgias is a historical-fiction drama television series created by Neil Jordan; it debuted in 2011 and was canceled in 2013.

The series is set around the turn of the 16th century and follows the Borgia family.

The series also follows the complicated sibling relationships between Cesare, Juan and Lucrezia.

Between Cesare and Juan, there is deep rivalry, with resentment on Cesare's side; inferiority and aggression on Juan's.

The series cancellation prevented the death of Pope Alexander VI and the succession of Pope Julius II from being explored, and the downfall of Cesare Borgia.

Jordan had tried to direct a film about the Borgia reign for over a decade, and the project had many times come close to fruition, with stars such as Colin Farrell and Scarlett Johansson attached to it.

It stars Jeremy Irons as Pope Alexander VI with François Arnaud as Cesare, Holliday Grainger as Lucrezia and David Oakes as Juan.

Colm Feore also stars as Cardinal della Rovere (later Pope Julius II).

With power struggles, sex, assassinations and sibling rivalries, it should, at least, be racy and fun.") and flocks of miffed cardinals gliding along darkened corridors like motorised pepperpots".Sam Wollaston recalled the 1981 BBC miniseries of the same name, which had been widely panned, and said there was "more thought to this [2011] version, and attention to character.The series follows the rise of the Borgia family to the pinnacle of the Roman Catholic Church and their struggles to maintain their grip on power.The beginning of the first season depicts the election of Rodrigo Borgia to the papacy through simony and bribery, with the help of his sons, Cesare and Juan.

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