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This atmospheric ghost story centers around a woman who is sexually aroused by a series of severe, erotically-charged whippings.(A montage of the whipping scenes can be viewed at x Hamster.) Another Bava horror film, Kill, Baby, Kill, (1966) includes a fetishistic thorn whipping scene of a young girl as part of a magical ritual.Information on television ads can be found at Spanking and BDSM in TV commercials.From the first silent features until the violent exploitation films of the mid-Sixties, spanking scenes in films have fallen into two basic categories: the punishment of misbehaving children, and the humorous taming of troublesome women.

The punishment scenes were typically brief, brisk, and lighthearted without any malice or cruelty.A basic chronological list of films and TV shows is provided at the Spanking in mainstream films and Spanking on television pages.The history of Sexploitation films is on a separate page.One episode presents two male masochists in a mostly nonjudgmental manner with just a tinge of humor.A similar approach is seen in the British mystery series Midsomer Murders ("Dead Letters" episode, 2006) with a consensual M/F switching.

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