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I will tell you what routine that I found yielding the best result so far. It doesn't matter what I tell you, it would just be a mean to start off. When I started out, I landed couple first date, however I would never heard from them again. One day I decided to call up one of the girl, and she picked up, we chat, had small talk. This is IMPORTANT because now you can gauge how hard it is to get in their pants. It rarely happens, I only had 2 girls who did this so far. I don't care what everyone else told you about number closing with online sarging. No matter what you do, it might work wonder in REAL LIFE but strangly enough it always comes off as creepy and needy ONLINE.

Then I asked her why didn't it work out for us, she told me she found my personality in real life isn't congruent with the one I gave off from the profile. The whole "fake it till you make it" only get you so far, eventually your true frame will come out. DO NOT COPY WORDS FROM WORDS, add a little of your touch and personality in the profile and during messages exchanging. But in the long run, they will hurt you if you can't back them up. Of course, if you're not after the pure physical sex, you can put in choices that represent the trait you're looking for in a girl. I can't stress enough about this part, and please DO NOT ASK something creepy such as "doggy, missionary or cowgirl? Now in this case, you tease her and make her quality herself, or you can just IGNORE it like handling a shit test and go on with your next test or cold reading. Remember this could be a shit test, DO NOT appear to be TOO EAGER. They always have second thought about it when you ask for their numbers, I'm speaking from experiences. Because you're just being nonchalantly throw your number out there, she will feel less vulnerable if you offer it.

This guide will focus more on how to land a date QUICKLY with the LEAST effort.

And I'll also cover the 3 most popular dating sites in US: POF, OKC, and My Year Book.

I know it's hard to resist such a temptation for a exhilarating conversation but that is your CUE. By the way, NEVER EVER EXPLAIN the cold reading or choices for them, FEED them a little with intrigue comments like I did. To test out their compliance, if they do what you tell them to do right off the bat, you know you run a solid game and their level of interest are high. It's an DHV, you're subtly telling them that you have a busy life and quite a social circle, people contact you all the time and it's hard to tell who is who. Now you can see why I stress about adding your touch into the routine and profile.

You will notice the difference in their level of INTEREST. Also leaving your number, letting them THINK that they are in power, of course they are NOT. Most of my example are quite random, bizarre and have fun-I-dont-care-about-shit vibe to it, because that how I am in real life.

But by no mean you have to FOLLOW the exact same pattern, you can banter back and forth for a bit more.

But if you see her starting to get a little eager and her response is getting longer.

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So I figured I should share them to help out those in the forum that haven't had any luck so far. A little about myself, I'm a decent 8 on the scale of 10 Asian male, I ain't rich, I'm not a genius either.

Personally I would throw in a strawberry among those choice, because if you've heard of the strawberry field test from the Kokology book, it represents.... Now there are only FOUR way this will do down with: A. Instead pull back a bit and reward her for having balls to take on such an offer. She makes any sort of excuse such as "I would but blah blah blah". She flat-out says NO, but hey if she bothers to reply, your foot is still in the door. If she's interested enough to stay in the conversation, you have a shot to try again later. Instead now what I do is leave them with my number and tell them to send a PICTURE along with their text so I know who they are. If she is interested, trust me, she will CONTACT you!

Don't worry you're still in, it's her ASD, again push and pull work great here as well as sexual banter. Just do what they do to handle AO, IGNORE it and CHANGE the topic. This is why my routine ONLY consist of 3 messages, I leave when her level of interest is at peak.

- It's more simple you can just change your AO into something casual, like a movie, hookah, etc...

- Most of them are EXTREMELY HORNY, but there are lot of ATTENTION SEEKER also.

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