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The events were organised by a new group formed after Catalonia’s controversial referendum last weekend, a vote which backed secession despite brutal police attempts to prevent polling in a ballot declared illegal.Police wielding batons tried to seize ballot boxes in scenes more redolent of a brutal dictatorship than a modern European democracy.One leading Catalan politician called for a ‘ceasefire’ with Spain to lower tensions.‘We have to give it one more chance, maybe the last chance,’ said Santi Vila, the business minister.In 2005 a Spanish parliamentary panel investigating the Madrid bombing concluded that the Aznar government had “manipulated” and “twisted” information to blame the Basques rather than al-Qaeda for the attacks.General Francisco Jose Gan, a former head of the intelligence service, spoke in May of the Basque factor in facing the security threat: “I do not say Spain is safe.The country is also receiving large numbers of refugees from North Africa with 9,000 arriving in the last eight months, three times as many as last year.

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The coordinated attack on commuter trains at the Spanish capital in March 2004, killing 192 people and wounding 1,800, remains the deadliest terrorist attack on Europe this century and was among the first of the murderous backlash.

Another suspect detained five months earlier had also said he wanted to emulate what happened at Nice.

​Europol figures show that Spain had the second highest number of Islamist terrorist arrests, with 187, in 2015. However, the Muslim community make up 2.1 per cent of the population in Spain compared to 7.5 per cent in France.

As in other countries, there has been increasing evidence in Spain that prisons had become recruiting ground for jihad.

According to reports in Spain some of those who plotted the Barcelona and Cambrils attacks had previous criminal convictions.

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