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Pluginize was launched in 2016 by Web Dev Studios to promote, support, and house all of their Word Press products. Some additions for the future that would be great are to add a section with “currently online users”. Also, it would be cool if the chatroom have one main room and had different categories/chat rooms within the same widget. Thanks for your plugin, That’s what I need it, a simple and effective chat. Thanks much very simple, but totally set-up to work. 2) users must be logged-in in order to chat or see the content not sure how it will go in future, but it does the job!!Pluginize is not only creating new products for Word Press all the time, but also provides ongoing support and development for Word Press community favorites like CPTUI, CMB2, and more. But the plugin as-in works great This is a simple but nice chat for general use. I guess it’s all depend what project to use it for? Some don’t even do that, have to enter your own username or enter any email address to trigger it… the link to my chat room: Still, I would like to mention, that the site is hosted on a proper dedicated server (there was some warning that Chat Room might not work on some servers).After creation, users can access it via the permalink for the chat room.The plugin currently will only support servers that have direct PHP filesystem access, which may not be available on all hosting environments.Chinese Love is a premier Chinese dating service dedicated to ensuring that all its members get the best from its dating services.We offer a range of Chinese dating services one of which is our highly interactive Chinese chat rooms or China chat rooms that offer numerous chat functions and chatting possibilities.We pride ourselves on helping Iranian singles find men and women who are compatible with their specific needs.

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At Chinese Love Cupid you will only ever experience a very international Chinese chat room environment where you can have a chat partner from China or anywhere else in the world.I’ve tried out this plugin, and I must say it’s absolutely great. I use it as part of a Word Press based Learning Management System. For security reasons, I’ve hidden the administrators usernames from the entire site. So the students can interact with each other in their private chat rooms. I was going to ask if it could be changed from username to nickname or display-name instead. You can find the repo at Dev Studios/Chat-Room.Please file issues, bugs, and enhancement ideas there, when possible. It is the only chat room widget I found that was free, easy to customize with CSS and easy to install.

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