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If the recipient refuses to pay, the package will be treated as undeliverable and the sender will be responsible for all transportation charges and other fees, including all special handling fees.

For customers utilizing our electronic systems, a valid Fed Ex account number is required for "Bill Sender," "Bill Recipient" or "Bill Third Party" transactions.

"Standard List Rates" are the rates paid by Fed Ex account holders who do not have discounts applied to their account and who charge their shipping to their Fed Ex account. "You" or "your" means the shipper/sender, recipient and their agents, servants, employees, and any other person or entity having or claiming an interest in a shipment.

"Transportation charges" mean amounts assessed for movement of a shipment and does not include any other fees or charges that may be assessed under the Fed Ex Service Guide, such as (but not limited to) declared-value charges, special handling fees, customs duties and taxes, C. Any failure by us to enforce or apply a term, condition or provision of the Fed Ex Service Guide does not constitute a waiver of that term, condition or provision and does not otherwise impair our right to enforce such term, condition or provision.

"Reroute" means to deliver a shipment to an address different from that specified on the airbill, and includes a change: (1) from one street address to another in the same city and state; (2) from directions to Hold at Location to a request for delivery to another location; (3) from the delivery instructions on the airbill to a request to Hold at Location; or, (4) from one Hold at Location address to another in the same city and state.

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For "Bill Recipient" transactions, packages can be tendered without payment, but in order for the package to be delivered, the recipient must provide a valid Fed Ex account number or pay with cash, check or money order at time of delivery.

"Overcharge" means a charge based on an incorrect rate; an incorrect special handling fee; billing a service other than the service selected for the package; billing based on incorrect package or shipment weight; billing to the wrong account number; or any other billing, unrelated to a service failure, that results in an incorrect charge.

"Package" means any single parcel or piece with a chargeable weight of 150 lbs. Any fraction of a pound is rounded up to the next-higher pound.

Originals must be used (photocopies are not accepted).

"Billable weight" and "chargeable weight" mean the weight used to calculate the rate.

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